Winners of the 2021 Benelux OSPAs will be announced virtually on 16th September 2021 at a virtual awards presentation and Thought Leadership Webinar sponsored by Bavak Security Group.

Security in the Benelux: what are the barriers to progress and how can they be overcome?

At all levels and in all areas, personnel working in the security sector are outstanding performers, they are expert in what they do, professional in their approach, and appreciated and valued by their stakeholders. They provide a reference point and the Benelux is widely heralded as being at the forefront, a locale that others in the world look up to. The issue and the challenge then is how does the Benelux respond to its weaker areas, the ones that are not professional, not competent and do not excel? The issue is an important one, solve this and we have a route to a better security sector, indeed, until we do, it cannot happen. This webinar will discuss:

  • What are the security sector’s key strategic weaknesses?
  • How can they be overcome?
    What are the barriers to all security personnel being viewed as professional?
  • What are the strategic goals that can guide a route to better security?

Nele Eykens – Corporate Security Manager at Umicore
Filip Smeets – Division Manager SERIS Academy at SERIS Belgium
Pieter Leloup – Postdoctoral Researcher at Ghent University, Faculty of Law and Criminology

Winners will be announced from a selection of finalists; the shortlist is available to view here.

In collaboration with Beveiliging Nieuws