This OSPA recognises individuals or companies that operate a successful training scheme, which promotes outstanding performance and has produced identifiable results. There is a tendency to talk about training and up-skilling as a good thing in itself. In fact in the very least, training should most often be undertaken in response to an identified need, with a programme that is suited to best meeting a skills gap, that is well articulated and delivered, and results in and benefits in terms of better performance. This OSPA looks to recognise those who have made a difference to improving security practice via training.

The judges will be looking for evidence of outstanding performance in:

  • Discussing the aims of the initiative and how these are focussed on the customer
  • Highlighting how innovation is displayed
  • Identifying the factors that enable the trainers to excel
  • Providing examples of improved performance
  • Demonstrating business benefits and how they are sustained
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