This OSPA recognises those who are outstanding suppliers of manned security guarding. In the modern world the provision of manned guarding services has become a much more skilled task. Motivating staff, managing resources in an increasingly competitive and price sensitive environment, up-skilling, recognising the distinct importance of front line leadership, making the most of technologies, forging internal and external partnerships and making them work are just some of the trends that are leading to new approaches and thinking about manned guarding. The object of this category is to recognise the outstanding performers in making a positive difference.

The judges will be looking for evidence of outstanding performance in:

  • Discussing the key distinguishing strengths the company displays
  • Highlighting the business approach, specific skills and tactics that underpin performance
  • Identifying examples of business success in initiatives, procedures and policies
  • Providing examples of building effective relationships with stakeholders
  • Demonstrating how high performance and benefits are sustained
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